This is about the deep sadness of the internet. Vaporwave welcomes you, and you will welcome it too.

Vaporwave is the most cathartic music genre ever. It is nostalgia for a time remembered but forgotten. It is a reminder of all of the music, artwork, commercials, toys, food and buildings from way back. Low, murky tunes have an oddly soothing effect which provide the feeling of a distant, blurred memory.

Vaporwave is an aesthetic. It can be found in music, art, and fashion. Some have even gone as far as to christen it *the aesthetic*, as it incorporates elements of the past, present, and the future.

Vaporwave is directly related to nostalgia and because of the apparent lack of African rhythmic influences it is the whitest music of all time. Vaporwave can hurt so much more than death. Makes one miss something he never had. This is exactly how one wants to feel when he dies.

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① Accept Your Deep Sadness

② Move Your Mouse

③ Feel the Distant and Blurred Memory

④ Hurt, Don’t Kill

⑤ Welcome